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Mobile-ready WordPress websites by iTech Plus

Websites we develop

1. Blogs & Magazines

Websites with extensive layout and editing options.

2. Business & Corporate

Websites for businesses and institutions.

3. Directories & Forums

Websites with frontend editing applications.


1. Social Integration

Connect your new website with facebook and twitter.

2. Updates

Theme updates and bug fix for the life of your website.

3. Lifetime Support

Tutorial and how-tos in using your themes.

Other Services

Web Aministration

Web Aministration

Technical handlers to take care of the geeky details of your website.
  • Backend Security

  • Software Updates & Fixes

  • Backups & Restoration

  • Webhost Liaison

Online Radio

Online Radio

Cheap & seamless streaming for your own live radio.
Online Transaction

Online Transaction

Buy or pay your bills online with our credit cards. We charge a small fee on top of the actual cost of the transaction.

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